Evaluating Some Good Points on MBBS in Russia

Russia is the most preferred destination for many Of Indian students to pursuing overseas medical education. The connection between India and Russia has been quite good since decades. Remaining in Russia has been secure for Indian. Russians respect and assist the Indians as their family members and there are no spiritual issues in Russia. Thus, Russia is a safe place to study MBBS for Indians. Aside from that Russian medical institutions are thought to be one of the finest medical institutions in the world. That is why every year hundreds of Indian students go to Russia for taking admission in the medical schools of Russia. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia PFUR is Among the very best and leading medical schools in Russia. It was founded in the year 1960 on 5th February. Prof. Sergey Vasilievich Rumiantsev was its first Rector. He served the institution from 1960 to 1970.

MBBS From Russia Universities

It was founded with a goal to provide global standard of education by training the high-skilledĀ mbbs in russia professionals that will have the ability to work successfully around the world. Today it has grown into one of the primary state higher educational institutions of Russia. More than 100,000 students who have graduated from this institution are now operating in 200 countries of the world. Presently over 27000 students from 140 countries are pursuing graduate and post graduate courses from this college. There are 4500 staffs in total and one of them 2200 are teaching staffs. It is 400 professors and 900 assistant professors. What is more, it has become a renowned research center in Russia. It is a member of several international bodies such as International University Association, European University Association, European Association for International Education, etc. It is also recognized by World Health Organization and Medical Council of India. Thus, after passing MBBS in Russia from this school, Indian students may practice in India by simply clearing the screening evaluation, i.e., Foreign Medical Graduate Examination.

Its Medical Faculty has 2700 students who have come from over 100 nations of the world. It offers instruction in medical care, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy. It is been one of the top 5 best Russian universities from a number of years. It is well planned campus, hostels, research library, internet cafes, food shops, canteens, restaurants, sports complex, laundries, health spa, museum, etc. There are 12 student’s hostels in the campus with all of the necessary and modern facilities such as automatic fire alarm system, security guards, electronic pass system, parking facility, dry cleaners, hair dressers, post office, bank, food shops, etc. Additionally, it has a playground where the students can spend their spare time. It won the Moscow Student Dormitory Contest because of its Very best infrastructure. At all-Russia competition it won the title of the greatest student hostel in Russia. It is policlinic and rehab centre for the students and staffs.