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Among the best hospital in Bangalore, Narayana Health hospital considers that safeguarding yourself from the subsequent heat related acute conditions can allow you to keep your physical health. Below is a list of heat related problems.

Heat stroke: that is life threatening emergency heat illness. The Core temperature of the person reaches over 40℃ and the body is unable to dissipate heat and cool off. The central nervous system also suffers impairment and the individual if not treated immediately can perish. Signs of heat stroke are rapid breathing and elevated heart rate, nausea, dry skin, intense headache and dizziness. Although, heat stroke can happen to anyone, children, elderly and individuals suffering from hyperthyroidism, and that are consuming certain medications. Heat stroke can be prevented by avoiding direct sunlight and staying hydrated constantly. You should try to not consume diuretic fluids like alcohol.

Heat cramps: heat cramps are the severe involuntary muscle cramps that often happen when a person performs prolonged physical activity in extreme heated problems. The main reason behind this is severe imbalance of electrolytes and hydration deficiencies. This could result into emergency dehydration episodes and neuromuscular fatigue. If you are a physically active individual and your job demands traveling or any sort of exposure to severely higher temperatures, you should keep hydrating yourself with electrolyte beverages to keep energy balance. Heat cramps can often occur as an indication of heat stroke or even independently. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water each day if you an energetic person.

Heat exhaustion: it is the precursor of heat stroke and is brought on by extreme loss of salts and fluids from the body. Any type of rigorous physical activity in high temperatures could result into heat exhaustion. Though the center temperature of body might not rise up to 40℃ but it is still sufficiently high to cause problems. Symptoms include excessive sweating, pale and dry mouth and skin, nausea, dizziness, panting for breath and elevated hearth beat. Intense symptoms include disorientation too. It is advised to avoid any type of long term exposure to direct sunlight and avoid any type of physical activity. Try drinking fluids loaded with electrolytes and eat 3-4 liters of water each day.

Among the best hospital in Bangalore, best hospital in bangalore provides state of The art infrastructure and an ever prepared emergency response team comprising of ready to dispatch ambulances and trained caregivers. 24×7 drugstore ensures no lack of supplies in the time of need. You may call at 0120-4880000 in the event of any heat related emergency to get immediate medical assistance at your convenience.

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