Understand the process of Dry cleaning

Here are the steps for dry cleaning and one has to know the process and importance of best dry cleaning singapore, so that your clothes may be in good and smooth condition even after .waste

Step 1: Identifying and Inspecting

When thecustomers give the clothes for cleaning the first and foremost step is inspecting. Next after inspecting they will keep a tag on every particular piece of clothing so that it is easy to identify clothes and the tag will be attached to the clothing till they return to the customer after the dry cleaning process.

Step 2: Removing stains and spots

The clothes which have stains and spots on them are cleared by us8ng some combination of solutions.

Step 3: Sorting

All clothes are not the same and can’t be washed together. So they should be separated basing on the type of material and type of colour, etc Even a few clothing have written tags saying dry clean only and extra some tips are given to be followed.

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Step 4: Dry cleaning

Now after sorting clothes, they use a solution that is superior to water and other detergents which everyone uses at home. Now the cloth is made free from first and oils if any and other such impurities. By dry cleaning not only to can handle thick clothing but also very delicate clothes too.

Step 5: Drying

After the process of cleaning the clothes now cone the denying if the clothes and even this varies from one to another cloth depend on the material of clothing and even for some clothes there is a tag given with instructions.

Step 6: Pressing and Finishing

After cleaning and drying now the clothes are ready to wear but before that, the clothes are neatly pressed so that they look new a d free of wrinkles and they level look stiff. Generally finishing is done by steaming and now the clothes are ready to wear only dispatching is left.

Step 7: Final inspection and packaging

The last and final step is inspecting the clothes which have undergone all the steps of dry-cleaning till pressing and finishing. This step ensures whether all the clothes are properly dry cleaned or not and if any stain or dirt or wrinkles are visible they will be again redone. If all are good they are made ready for packaging and delivery.